As an editor, I help you free your document from errors in punctuation, grammar, spelling, and usage. Depending on the level of editing services you desire, I can search for errors in the mechanical details or provide a critique. I can also help with substantive editing such as overall clarity, inconsistencies, plot, pacing, and character development.

Proofreading The most basic of the editing options, this is usually done after all other editorial changes have been completed and before submission to a publisher.

In a proof read, I will search for:

  • Spellings and correct word usage
  • Typographical errors
  • Proper punctuation usage
  • Consistency in formatting

Copyediting Copyediting provides authors with a more in-depth review of their manuscript. In a copyedit I will search for:

  • Clarity and logical organization of material
  • Enhanced word choices
  • Consistency of overall tone
  • Suggestions for rewording awkward phrasing or improvement of writing effectiveness

Content Editing A content edit is concerned with improving the overall effectiveness of the writing. In a content edit I will search for, evaluate, and offer suggestions for improvement of:

  • Strength of introduction, conclusion, analogies
  • Logical flow of ideas
  • Consistent tone
  • Explanations and examples that are compelling
  • Rhythm and structure that move the reader forward
  • Any suggestions to improve the overall effectiveness of the writing

Critiquing A critique is an overall assessment of the potential effectiveness of the author’s work. In a critique, I will provide an opinion of the overall strength and weaknesses of the material.