As a writer, I can create a document or manuscript based on information you provide, or I can rewrite your existing work in order to better reach your audience. The following are the services that I offer: rewriting, ghostwriting, collaborating, and blogging.


Rewriting consists of revising the author’s work for a more effective presentation. It does not include researching or developing new material.


Ghostwriting consists of writing a manuscript based on information provided by the author through notes, outlines, interviews, and/or transcripts. A ghostwritten manuscript will be written, to the best of the writer’s ability, in the author’s voice, not the voice of the ghostwriter.


Collaborating is working with the author to fully develop and write an idea, story, or document. It may include researching and developing new material.


Blogging consists of writing blog posts suitable for the blogger’s content needs based on criteria provided by the blogger.